About Us

Founders and mission

Co-founded together in 2022 by husband and wife, Belle River winery was built on the passionate belief that we can raise enough money to establish a free autism center for St Clair County. We opened our winery to pay for our little boys Mikey’s autism treatments. We then sponsored another family whom has an amazing little boy to help them pay down their autism bills. We then found out our now 4 year old son Wyatt is also on the spectrum. So we have 2 autistic super heroes of our own. Our goal, which is why we opened our Port Huron location as well to open enough wineries to eventually fund a free autism center in St. Clair County. So that’s why we are doing what we do. When you support us you are supporting a very special cause.

Handcrafted Wines

Belle River Wines are handcrafted from our handpicked and grown ingredients. We have our own beehives on the Columbus property that we use the honey from to add sweetness and smoothness to many of our signature blends. Everything we make at Belle River is a specialty.

Casual Relaxing Ambience

We make an emphasize at all locations that everyone is welcome, and we want everyone to relax and enjoy a fine ambience provided by Belle River that is difficult to come by in our area. Enjoy the Belle River experience!

About Belle River Winery

At Belle River Winery, we are more than a business; we are a family with a heartfelt mission. As a woman-owned, veteran-owned, and family-owned small business, we proudly serve Southeastern Michigan from our two charming locations. Since opening our doors in March 2022, we have been blessed to connect with new friends and actively engage with our wonderful community.

The inspiration behind Belle River Winery is deeply personal. We started this journey to fund treatments for our beloved son Mikey, who has autism. Our commitment grew stronger as we extended our support to another incredible young man on the spectrum, helping his family access vital treatments. Recently, we discovered that our younger son Wyatt is also on the autism spectrum. Both of our little heroes are now receiving intensive ABA therapy, seven hours a day, five days a week.

Our dream is to expand Belle River Winery to the point where we can establish a free autism center in St. Clair County, Michigan. Every visit from you brings us closer to making this dream a reality, and we are deeply grateful for your support. 


This is a song we helped write that is a conversation between autistic children and their parents/loved ones. We hope you enjoy it.
We look forward to seeing you!